Privacy & Terms of Service Policy

IntraProlife is committed to respecting your privacy and safeguarding our personal information when accessing  As part of this commitment to you, we want you to be informed regarding the information that may be collected from you when visiting our website and no personal details will be given to third party unless required by law.

Our website is powered by Google Blogger so please take your time in reading the privacy policies imposed by this company. To learn more about it, please click here. We also encourage you to read the Google Terms of Service for your information, to know more click here.

With regards to our store cart, please note that does not directly collect all your personal and card details, this is being governed by In saying so, has no access to your card details, except for your name and address which will be use for shipment purposes. To know more about PayPal Privacy Policy,  please click here and for their legal aggrements, click here.

If for any circumstances you feel that your privacy has been mistreated or misused, please contact us immediately at and we will endeavor to help you to resolve the problem.